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The ASAE Board of Directors provides governance and strategic direction to the overall enterprise of ASAE, a 501(c)6 membership organization, and the ASAE Foundation, a 501(c)3 supporting organization to ASAE.  We have utilized the concept of a board within a board.  That is, designated members of the ASAE Board also serve as members of The ASAE Foundation Board of Directors.  In addition to their ASAE Board responsibilities, Foundation Board members determine the annual expenditure of The Foundation endowment, conduct fundraising and provide strategic knowledge/content direction.

The structure of the ASAE Board includes four officers:  ASAE Chair, ASAE Chair-Elect (who is also Chair of The Foundation), Secretary/Treasurer (who serves in the same officer position on the Foundation Board) and the Immediate Past Chair of ASAE; 12 regular members serving three-year terms that rotate four per year, (with six of the twelve members also serving as Foundation Board members); one ASAE Business Services Chair, two Industry Partners (who, depending on interest and background, could also be appointed to serve on The Foundation Board); one CEO (who serves in that capacity on both boards); and up to two, one-year board members nominated by the ASAE Chair and approved by the ASAE Board.

The Foundation Board includes the officers of The Foundation, who are the Chair and the Secretary/Treasurer, the six regular board members noted above (who also serve on the ASAE Board), the CEO, any appointed Industry Partners (as noted above), and the ASAE Chair.